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Eli Lilly and Company unites caring with discovery to create medicines that make life better for people around the world. Those medicines come to life through clinical trials.

Research Areas

Did you know that medicines are first tested in clinical trials? Clinical trials help researchers and doctors know whether an investigational medicine works, if it works better in some people than others, and which dose of an investigational medicine will be safe for the people who take it.

Did you know that millions of people participate in clinical trials each year? Clinical trials are designed to study investigational medicines for many different illnesses and medical conditions - from cancer to migraines, from heart disease to psoriasis. Most people who participate in one clinical trial say they would join another if given the chance.

Did you know that you might be able to participate in a clinical trial? Browse the list of research areas below to see if a Lilly clinical trial may be a good fit for you.

About Clinical Trials

The video series below provides information about clinical trials, such as how new therapies are developed and how clinical trials are adapting to new approaches in health care.

General Overview of the Clinical Research Process

This animated video is narrated by Dr. Jonathan Jackson, a clinical researcher and clinical trial participant, to describe how new treatments are developed, why people choose to join clinical trials, and more.

Basics of Clinical Trial Participation

This animated video describes the basic requirements for all clinical trials, how the safety of study participants is monitored, and how research is adapting in this modern era.

The Clinical Research Team Is Similar to a Sports Team

This animated video uses a sports analogy to describe the many different roles of people involved in clinical research, from study participants and their friends and family to the study doctor and study sponsors.

Videos used with permission. These videos were developed with support from Eli Lilly and Company by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP). CISCRP is an independent nonprofit organization focused on educating and informing the public about clinical research participation. CISCRP is not involved in finding participants for clinical studies and does not conduct clinical research.

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